This wonderful scent begins with top notes of lemon, orange, verbena, shimmering green fern and cannabis; followed by middle notes of juniper berry, hay, violet and gardenia; all sitting on base notes of musk, golden amber, labdanum, vetiver, and tobacco.
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Reed Diffuser
Scent Family

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3.5 fl. oz of Fine Fragrance Oil
Lasts Approximately 2-3 Months
Handmade in Tampa Bay, FL

What's In It

Paraben and phthalate free blend of fine fragrance oils
A bundle reeds to absorb and slowly release the fragrance.

Reed Diffuser Care

To create a lighter, more subtle scent throw or for smaller spaces, insert just a few reeds directly into bottle.
For a stronger scent throw, bigger spaces or higher ceilings, slowly insert more until you reach your desired level.
Flip the reeds weekly to avoid drying out or as needed to refresh the scent.
Keep away from direct sunlight or other heat sources to avoid drying out the reeds.