Our Aroma Oils contain synthetic aroma compounds that are diluted with essential oil. Aroma oils are purely aromatic. All of our Aroma Oils are safe to use with any oil warmer or ultrasonic diffuser. Simply use a few drops of aroma oil to fill your space with our delightful smells!

Lemongrass + Kiwi

Aroma Oils
Scent Notes
lemon, lemongrass, juicy apple, kiwi, orange zest, kiwi
bamboo leaves, island gardenia, hyacinth, cassis, eucalyptus, green tea
melon blossom, water lily, musk, cedar, vanilla
Scent Family


.66 fl oz. fine fragrance oil

Handmade in Tampa Bay, FL

How To Use

5 - 15 drops in your ultrasonic oil diffuser. The more oil to water ratio, the stronger the scent.

5-15 drops in your oil burner with 1/4 - 1/3 cup of water.